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Automatic labeling machine
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Automatic Pressure-sensitive adhesive labeling machine(one,two or three labels in one bottle)



Product Details

Automatic Label Machine  for Customized Bottle Labeled with Hot Melt Glue and Wrap Round OPP Labels
Labeling Speed: 2,000~35,000 BPH (Bottles Per Hour)




Suitable for various labels made of OPP, paper-plastic composite film, paper etc., very popular applications in packing of detergent, beverages, wines, foods etc.

Available for labeling round, oval and rectangular containers made of plastic, metal or glass.

Fully automatic high speed labeling, much more efficient than handmade labeling, very good machine for saving packing cost and enhancing user’s competiveness.

Suitable for environmental material labels like OPP film labels, you can save 30% packing cost with this automatic labeling machine.

With advanced gluing technology and environmental hot melt adhesive glue, labeling effect is perfect. As only both ends of labels are required for gluing, this automatic labeling machine can minimize the consumption of glue and save packing cost.

The labels are non-contractile material, the printed patterns on the labels will not get deformed after being labeled, staying the packing aesthetics.

With this automatic labeling machine, no thermal shrinkage stove is required for labeling, it’s an energy-saving packing equipment.


Key Performance


User-friendly touch screen menu, easy operation, built-in troubleshooting guide.

Equipped with Germany made servo motor and control system. Synchronized label head and conveyor speeds ensure speedy, accurate and stable feeding and cutting of labels.

Built-in Germany made color code detection sensor, labels are precisely labeled.

Label Detection with automatic stop system to prevent lacking labels, missing labels, jamming bottles/containers, low air pressure, detecting temperature etc.

Labeling method of rotary molded positioning makes sure of precision and stability of label sealing.

Electric components and parts are made by world-wide famous suppliers like SIEMENS, SANYO etc., this automatic labeling machine works stably and reliably.

With linking interface for connecting with other production equipment.

Working Principle

◇ This is automatic labeling machine is a new model with rotary platform and continuous labeling process for hot melt OPP labels.
◇ Automatically adjust the conveying of containers in and out.
◇ The containers delivered from conveyor are fixed by the shafts and rotary molded star wheel platform and rotate with the star wheel platform in setup speed automatically.
◇ In work condition, you can mechanically preset and adjust the label position according to rotation track to precisely labeling.
◇ When the container arrives at the sensor detection position, the computer system controls the label feeding system and deliver the label, when a label is delivered and high speed cutter will cut it. As the labeler is equipped with SANYO small inertia motor, the infeed and cutting of labels are accurately and stably.
◇ The cutout labels are delivered to the gluing system which will give hot melt glue to the ends of labels. This gluing system can lower consumption of glue.
◇ When the glued labels are put in the labeling position, the labels are accurately and stably attached to the containers.
◇ As the containers are rotating when the labels are delivered, the labels can stably and closely attached to the containers.
◇ The glue is brushed on the ends of labels, the labeling seal is perfect.
◇ An overall labeling procedure is Feeding in container–Pre-positioning–Cutting label–Brushing glue–Attaching label–Smoothing label–Pressing label–Finishing.