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Automatic labeling machine
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OPP Automatic Labeling Machine (Round bottle)



Product Details

High-speed OPP Hot Melted-glue Automatic Labeling Machine Model: UP-316/320


  1. Applicable to all kinds of OPP washing, drinks, mineral water, food, pearl film, composite paper package labeling materials label
  2. Suitable for labeling such as plastic circular, oval, square and other different shapes, glass bottles and cans of products
  3. High-speed automatic labeling production process, replacing the inefficient manual labeling methods to improve production efficiency, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of products

Using a new type of environmentally friendly materials OPP films, to minimize production costs, saving more than 30%; at the same time, the use of environmentally friendly packaging material is a packaging industry trends

  1. The use of advanced technology on plastic, combined with environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive characteristics, to achieve the perfect effect on glue labeling; only the first and last two adhesive labels to minimize the amount of glue and cost savings
  2. As a result of the non-shrinkable label material, printed pattern on the label will not deform after labeling; ensure that the product packaging aesthetics
  3. The device eliminates the Shrink high-energy processes, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving

Labelling works

The OPP hot melt adhesive labeling machine is a rotary, continuous operation of the new labeling machine labeling; equipment capable of automatically adjusting the container into and out of the transmission case; conveyed by the conveyor belt over the container is divided bottle screw star wheel in accordance with the pitch separated a certain distance, and then import the star wheel to transfer to a container vessel turntable, fixed after the container, the container beginning at a certain speed of rotation of the die holder pressure bottle bodies and containers; mechanical product rotation during a predetermined position; and Labeling positioning mechanism according to the trajectory

When the vessel reaches the electric eye detection position, the host computer control label label transmission system to send standard, when after the completion of a send-standard action, high-speed cutter put a label cut off; thanks to Sanyo small inertia high speed servo motor, ensure high-speed delivery marked and cut The accuracy and stability of the underlying

Feeding the cut labels on the dispensing system; in this section, the system tags inclusive edge gluing two parts, which makes the hot melt adhesive manner lowest consumption

Gummed label has been transferred when the labeling position, the tags can accurately and effectively adhered to the container. Since the transfer process tag, the container is in movement, so the label can be smoothly tightly affixed to the container. In sizing the tail end of the tape can form a good label lap seal, completed a labeling process

The whole process is: into the bottle -> pre-positioning -> Cut superscript -> glue -> Labeling -> Rotary superscript -> pressing -> Finish

Main Features

♦ user-friendly touch screen, simple and intuitive, full-featured, with extensive online help function

♦ send standard system using the German high-speed servo motor and controller, to ensure that the high-speed delivery standard and cut the target accuracy, stability

♦ main motor adopts imported super power motor to ensure the machine running stability and maneuverability

♦ German label color detection electric eye, improves the accuracy of the standard

♦ perfect run protection system can be realized, such as the lack of standard, drain stickers, lack of bottles, card bottle, temperature detection, lack of air pressure shutdown alarm

♦ As a result of the rotary die positioning labeling methods to ensure the accuracy and stability of the labeling of seal

♦ Siemens and other world famous brands imported electrical components, to ensure lasting stability and reliability of the machine

♦ equipment reserved online interface functions, and on-line to facilitate the production of other equipment